Ayla Graham {creative director, social introvert, chocolate addict}

Born and raised in Calgary, AB., I grew up in a very artistic environment and was always encouraged to express myself creatively. I have the matriarchs in my family to thank for such a childhood. An avid gardener, my grandmother instilled an appreciation of nature within me and taught me how to press flowers and tap into to my creative spirit with an endless supply of craft challenges. My Mom raised us to honor our free spirit and live in the moment. Always with a bohemian flare, my moms soul endeavor was to make something out of nothing and most importantly, enjoy the adventure that challenge created. Her favorite quote to this day is "Life is a Daring Adventure or nothing at all" {Helen Keller}, and what an adventure it has been thus far!
I never thought I would turn this endeavor into a business, however, allowing me the luxury of raising my two babies and forcing me to learn and grow in ways I had never imagined, I am forever thankful that this is the path I am on.


Jillian Berthelet {logistics guru, stationery hoarder, cat whisperer}

Going to university in Lethbridge, then moving to Victoria for a year eventually led me back to my hometown, Calgary, AB. In the most unique twist of fate, moving back home to complete my Master's degree led me straight to Oxeye Floral Co., when a friend convinced me to apply to a job posting on instagram from one of her favourite local artists. What started off as a temporary job while in school, quickly turned into a position that has given me the most unique opportunity to learn first hand about running a small business and what it takes to bring creative ideas to fruition. My role within the company is always challenging me to evolve because it changes every single day, from completing day to day tasks to working markets to being in charge of our bridal and custom keepsakes. I feel so grateful to be apart of the journey and cannot wait to see what happens next for us!