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{wedding keepsake edition}

What we do

Flower Drop Off (can’t drop off? You can ship! Here is how.) **step by step with photos…check this out https://framedflorals.com/journal/2017/6/2/framed-florals-flowers-from-you-to-me

Try to Avoid (flowers press much better when fresh, iff possible, try to get them to us as soon as possible, keep them in water, avoid damage throughout the night, arrange for a vase at the head table for your bouquet to sit in for the evening, avoid an entire bouquet of white roses; this will limit your options for a keepsake and white flowers are most prone to browning)

How long does it take?

(we press for 4-6 weeks, empty the press and hand select the blooms that have turned out the best. From here, we get in touch with you for directions on the final piece….depending on when you book in and how busy we are, we may be booking quite far in advance. If this is the case, it will be clearly communicated with you)

Once you have decided what you would like your final piece to be, we will put together a rough draft for your approval and send it your way. At this point you can suggest any changes or additions you would like to see.

Once the rough draft is confirmed, we will adhere the flowers for the final draft and seal it in.

We do use a flower specific sealant to protect the flowers for a longer duration, but due the the entire process being natural and organic, you can generally expect some natural fading over time. The fading is aesthetically beautiful and should be celebrated, we believe this is such a lovely sentiment to the aging process and a testament to how long you have been married for.